Monday, April 14, 2008

[Xanga] Thanks, Billy

Billy: yeah well just something i've been challenged with lately is:

if everything that you hope to happen happens perfectly, if it all comes out for the good, does that mean that God is blessing you?
1:03 AM me: oh yeah
i been thinking on that too
ironic, because then God pushes me to live it out
Billy: right, i think you said it perfectly in your xanga, and i was actually really encouraged by that
1:04 AM
me: sigh. yeah... i guess one thing that is interesting
is that i never lost faith this time
but it was more just like... getting the wind knocked out of me
like you know, a boxer
the difference between a rookie who gets knocked out and thinks he can't never box no more
and a more seasoned dude who gets KO'd but knows he can go back in
i felt more like that

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