Monday, April 14, 2008

Photos 11

Spring Break: New York and Boston (Part 1)
3/08 - 3/10/2008


_Sneaker Fiends Unite!_

(EDIT: Dallas's version of Day 1)

The first day of my last Spring Break: after grabbing
a couple hours of sleep in my friend's room, I packed
and headed to New York.

The mission? Dallas Penn, of Dallas Penn dot com
(iNternets) fame, and I were going to track down a
retro'd pair of one of the most official kicks ever, in
its OG colorway. Dallas said that he had recently
found them for $20 at Dr. Jays, and so we knew we
had to do it big like that.

We linked up at noon, and after dropping my bags
off at his girl's crib we tracked our asses all the way
around the City, through Brooklyn up to the South
Bronx then to Fordham. While we didn't find the Air
Tech Challenges where we'd expected (as Dallas
recounts), we did finally find what we were looking
for at a mad bootleg Jimmy Jazz... not just a Jimmy
Jazz, but their clearance outlet.... whoooooooo

So beautiful. Until we found this stash, we'd only
seen one of these all day. Not one pair: one shoe. A
Dr. Jays in the South Bronx had a single left shoe,
size 10, remaining on display.

This place had easily 10-12 pairs in stock.

A full size run...

Boxed heat!

It must be the kicks.

Dallas copped a pair of Untold Truth AF1's and talked the owner
into $85 for our two pair. You know you have to pull the Cash-
On-Hand card.





After dinner at the Famous Cozy Soup N' Burger,
under Dallas's recommendation, we were walking
down to catch the 2 train when a bunch of first
response vehicles sped past us. Looking up, we saw
what appeared to be wisps of smoke emanating from
a couple buildings.

A day's work well done: mission accomplished.


_See You Later, Space Cowboy..._

Friday night, having run through (pause) the official
sneaker mission, I wound up at my mans [||] Carter's
place on the Upper West side. Saturday morning I
rose to get together with my dude TJ from Charter,
who now lives on the lower west.

TJ and his girl Deb claim that this place is their diner.
I claim that they just wanted to play screw with the
out-of-towner, because this joint was a straight-up
result of some bad weed.

In TJ's words: "The decor is basically drawn by a 4-
year-old cowboy. Who likes space."

Photographic evidence: glittery planets. Were you
to glimpse the table below, you would know: its
rough-hewn construction speaks of some lone
arboreal denizen of the plains, hand-stripped and
molded by some pioneering white cowboy, a symbol
of his very domination over nature.

TJ. I known this dude mad long.

Deb. I known of her existence via Facebook for
some time. She's PT Barnum's 4th cousin. Real-life



Having bounced from New York via the famed ($15)
Fung Wah bus, I arrived in the pearl of Massachu-
setts that night. The following day, I ventured out...



Zack thinks he is a Chinese tourist, probly because he
and I met in China when we were roommates in the
Duke language program in 北京在首都师范大学.
He treated me to a chilean sandwich for lunch.

I did not know that Chile was renowned for
sandwiches. I now do: Thank you for exposing me to
the world, Zhu Zai Kang.



Dorothy's pad. This is how I'm living the next 3 days:

1 duffel bag, 1 backpack; and a stupid superfluous umbrella i used
in NYC for two hours and haven't opened since.

Where the magic happens. At.

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