Monday, April 14, 2008

[Xanga] Christmas come early

It's been a real rush job, fam. After finishing up my 43-hour stint in one room to complete a seminar paper, I took about 24 hours off (from Saturday until Sunday night), to just sleep and rest up.

Susie at church, (a) heart in hand.

But, having pushed myself so much in the last week, my body finally crapped out (after a whole semester of health) and started giving me grief after church on Sunday... I slept from dinnertime on Sunday until 2 AM on Monday, 10 hours before my Greek final. Immediately afterwards, I just crashed onto my bed.

Woke up this morning and dragged myself around town on some errands. Dropped off a bunch of research materials at the library then headed to the post office. Waiting for me was this package [||] from my man Dallas Penn (of fame):


Dallas is an internets celebrity whose reasonably (in)famous blog i frequent and have recently contributed to. He and i both talk that comic/superhero language, so he sent me a little geek care package. That's 12 inches of Dr. Doom [||]. After a week of just pushing through schoolwork, it was a good thing that got my spirits up. i'm pumped for break now.

holla back, family

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