Monday, April 14, 2008

[Xanga] Nerf sniper rifle

I want this so badly:

Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6 ($30)

Apparently Nerf makes a sniper rifle now.

"Take your blasting skills to the extreme with this two-in-one blaster! This blaster is more than three feet long and can launch foam arrows up to 35 feet away! Aim with accuracy and precision using the targeting scope. Two quick-reload clips hold a total of 12 STREAMLINE DARTS. There even a fold-down bi-pod to help you steady your aim for important shots. Looking for a quick shot at close range? The blaster has removable parts to give you one-handed freedom with a single-shot blaster! In either mode, load up, aim, press the trigger and watch the darts go the distance!

Includes blaster, 2 quick-reload clips and 12 STREAMLINE DARTS."

UPDATE (7/5/08): As this page makes up two of the (most badass, might i add) first page hits for "Nerf sniper rifle" on Google image search, this is statistically the most popular single page on my blog. Welcome, GIS'ers.

Sadly, I still have no Nerf Longshot.

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