Sunday, January 25, 2009

Studio night

It is currently 2:30 AM.... I been in the studio since 11:30 PM... And I got to get up to teach children's church at 10 AM...

but the night went well, after going to a play and then kicking it with some friends I got in the studio and turned out 3 tracks!!!

-1 mastered collabo for a Chinese mixtape
-1 mastered solo joint for my new mixtape... coming soon... (next month??)
-1 rough track to mix + add a sung hook (featuring??!?)

so now i get to throw on my clothes + walk about a mile in this weather back home:

Maybe I should sleep in the studio? It's warm in here... sure warmer than 6 degrees F!

But nah, I'm headed home even tho it's straight brick outside!

Now that's hip-hop!!!

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