Sunday, January 11, 2009

straight up FizzAPE


these joints is straight hideous.... and while I will definitely cop to being, how shall we say, oftentimes gray-market (at best) in how I elect to exercise my purchasing power... these are the Adam's apple (i.e. you ain't foolin no one). Why would anyone?

While not going into the debate about the morality of and/or ethical justifications for buying or not buying fake/"replica"/factory variant goods, all I know is... if you are going to be looking to copp something purporting to be from a well-known brand or high-end line like A Bathing Ape, Baby Milo, Nike SB, etc., it is practically incumbent upon you at the very least to be familiar with what items exist, and which do only owe their existence to the figments of fevered bootleg imagination.

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