Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Damini / 北京饭馆

12/26 - 12/27/2008

[The sixth in a series of eight vignettes concerned with
relating my holiday travels from New Haven to
Delaware, and beyond to Virginia and Washington,


Shortly before my family's departure to Williamsburg,
Virginia, to spend the week between Christmas and
New Year's Day, my old friend Damini came over to
kick it and work over some knowledge with me.

Being as how Damini and I have both been in and out
of the country many times over the past two years, this
morning conference represents the second time in as
many years that we've had opportunity to fall in the same
general geographical locale, with free time to spare.



After a day of travel, trying out my sister and my
Christmas Present to our parents (a Garmin Nuvi 250W),
we arrived at our timeshare in Williamsburg, VA.

Having settled in, various family members from the VA/
MD area came to visit us for dinner on Saturday night,
and we headed to our favorite local eatery, the
Williamsburg Peking, Mongolian, and Japanese

Sushi bar!

I can remember us patronizing this location since it was a one-room
dining area, centred on the Mongolian noodle barbecue and only
possessing a single, ratty buffet. A largeish television lay in the corner,
switched off most of the time, and I recall feeling empathic at the
pitiable nature of the establishment's inevitable bankruptcy.

Well, they proved me wrong.

Dad; great-aunt; 奶奶.

Cousins & family.

Uncle Jojo & cousin Sarah.

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