Saturday, January 10, 2009

Headed Home / Hometown Staples

12/20 - 12/22/2008

[The fourth in a series of photographic entries in which
I recollect the travels, travails, and conversations of my


Another morning in New York City dawned gray as I
rose, yawning, greeted by Landon and Mike's dusty

Gathering together my recently-inundated belongings,
I bid farewell to the men of St. Nicholas Place and
headed on my way downtown to meet a friend from
Korea, recently (as of the morning) arrived in the City
via Laguardia.

After a quick and nearly simultaneous passport hand-off (to one of
Landon and Mike's housemates) and connection (with Lydia), we
were off across the rolling and bleak landscapes of central New



NJ's finest!

After arriving in Trenton and being picked up by my dad, we
divested ourselves of our belongings and settled in back at my
parents' house.

Later that night, however, I headed back out for the night, to drop by
Sheel's house (site of many a holiday get-together since our respective
matriculations into more-or-less adult life).

So many nights, evenings, and mornings spent here.

Musings, habitually accompanied by Wawa's iced tea
and various Indian snacks.

The basement, home to a collection of (gray-market, to anyone's best
guess or hope) DVD's the scope of which has always been truly
legendary, and many an all-night LAN party or programming/brain-
storming session.


The next day, a Sunday, Lydia, Tori, and I joined my parents in
attending the church in which we spent our childhoods.

A new location in Newark.

Phil, on the right: i known this dude since he was 7 and
all he could talk about was Disney movies and Star Wars
action figures.

Lisa, Philip's older sister. A friend since the single-digit
prepubescent years and now also married.

The fam at worship.

Presenting a present to the pastor's family: capturing the love of a
congregation in affirmation of a sacred vocation.

Newark as it always should be, always is, in my mind: the home to
which I shall never truly return.

And the home to which I do return.

Later that night, Dave Moak came over and traded
sharp witticisms and academic insight over my mom's
hamburgers. Later, we watched YouTube until it was
time for him to leave. De rigueur, par for our course.


Monday night, our family headed to the Mall to engage (and
present for Lydia's viewing pleasure) in one of the few leisure
activities available and actively promoted as provincially
Delawarean: tax-free shopping at the mall.

We paused to admire the new Nike flywire technology. These joints
seriously weighed less than the newspaper.

My old homeboy Nan rolled through to smoke up, kick
it for a quick minute, and reminisce.


Pensive. Old head got lots to think on, what with his
graduate studies, and especially considering the state of
the economy.

Bape FS-001's and Levi's corduroy 517's.

The whip - still handling real proper!!

Spent a lot of time behind this dashboard... yes it is straight on some
Initial D and I don't apologize for that.

After hitting the mall, Tori and Lydia headed home
with my dad while Nan also bounced homewards,
leaving me to head down to Newark for a gym date
[||] with the #1 stunna Brett Weber a/k/a Delaware's
Artist Laureate. After getting totally pumped, we ate
pretty much all the food in his house and then headed
to Paul's house, to eat pretty much all the food in his
house and watch Burn After Reading.


[Next: Is there anything sadder than a toystore in
the midst of being shut down? A day in Newark, and
our Christmas Day festivities.]

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