Monday, August 11, 2008

Visions of Seoul V

I sit in a darkened multiplex beside two co-workers, surrounded by Saturday afternoon Korean moviegoers. All heads in the theater are craning back (with an occasional aversion of young or sensitive [that would be me] eyes), thrilling to the larger-than-life action unfolding before them. The film (no spoilers forthcoming here, but likely an in-depth debriefing later) on-screen is this summer's darling, the critically lauded blockbuster it seems no one can hate: The Dark Knight.

The action reaches an emotionally resonant crescendo of pathos and mounting action, as the Joker - Batman's foil, embodiment of chaotic, senseless evil - bursts into a large society function, knife flickering unsteadily in his hand as he jabs erratically at cowering bystanders making pretense of bravery. One finally takes a moral (and physical) stand, causing the psychotic figure to whirl around as she interrupts his capricious soliloquizing:

Woman (on-screen, bravely): OK, stop.

Me (without thinking, out loud): Hammertime.


Grand Master - 108 Tongues, 中国制造团体, Bust Out! Family said...

To clarify for nitpickers: I know who the woman is (I left out her name to avoid spoilers), and I know that MC Hammer's oft-parodied catchphrase is actually all right, stop / Hammertime. Still.

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