Friday, August 29, 2008

Last update from Asia

Back in Ilsan International Airport, for one last time. Just hoping that Delta/Korean Airlines doesn't lose any of my luggage on the way to Atlanta (where, it seems, I'm going to have to pick it up; they didn't check it through customs).

I haven't checked in since Monday due to an increasingly busy itinerary in China; it ought (temporarily) to suffice to say that plenty got done - shopping, recording, and catching up with my Bust Out 哥们儿 - and I have hundreds of photographs to document it, that ought to be upped soon after my return to the States. I also have photographs of some of my students and co-workers that I took over the last day and a half, during the time that I spent back in Ilsan.

For now, though, I'm headed back home. I'll get back to Philly around midnight Friday night, spend Saturday getting ready to head back to New Haven, get together with some of the px brothers on Sunday for lunch, then head home later that afternoon.

It was a good summer. More thoughts later.

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