Monday, August 4, 2008

lampin it, cold Gangnam style

[Gabe sent over some pictures from when we were chilling the other day
in Gangnam, so I hence present an updated version of my original post.]

I went into the city late Saturday afternoon to chill with my homeboy
Gabe near the English church we attend in Gangnam (강남구/江南區).
He is a fellow minority so you know he shares that passion over bargain
hunting. As for my own pragmatic stance:

Paying retail isn't shopping; that's just buying things.
(can I get a Sneaker Fiends holla?)

As both Gabe and I are well aware, when looking to cop fly gears on
the low in Asia (or SoHo), there is only one mother lode:

Uniqlo is the Japanese equivalent of H&M and The Gap, with quality
and style to spare. I've bought Uniqlo gear in 上海 (a 40元/$5 track
jacket and a tee) and New York (a pair of $66 selvedge denim) and the
price (low), quality (high) and wearability (even higher) has thus far
been uniform across two countries. This time, Gabe and I found a
whole mess of Uniqlo's signature limited tees on sale for 5000 Won
(~$5). Gabe copped a stay-dry sports top, while I chose two more
stylish joints. I had been tempted to get one of the Gundam designs too,
but held off on principle of not wanting to be, you know. That guy.

For some reason I was grinning like a chipmunk all day.
[Note to self: it's not becoming.]

Gabe has lived in Ko Rea too long...

Me: That's a camera!
Gabe: (grins)

Me: (poser)
Gabe: (grins)

Me: Index finger down
Gabe: (grins)

Gangnam... one of the style centers of Korea...

...and the pick-ups...

We'll teach you how to stunt shop (75% off at bare

A closer examination reveals the bag is sealed with Uniqlo-
branded tape. All the touches here.


Exhibit 1: "The eleven and The only"

"UT x Stylist vol.02: "The eleven and The only" is a project that follows
"The ten and The only" project with new members added. It refers to
eleven special T-shirts created through the collaboration between
Uniqlo and eleven stylists. The stylists, who love T-shirts and
thoroughly know the essence of them, designed their T-shirts with "My
News" as the concept. Each T-shirt possesses the stylists' passion and
their uncompromising tastes."

"Shinichi Mita"

"Born in 1975 in Tokyo."
"Mita moved to the UK in 1998 and worked mainly for European
magazines and advertisements. He returned to Japan in 2001, and
continues doing styling work for magazines, advertisements, and music
visuals. He is also unveiling unique artistic expression activities,
presenting his works at the Nokimono Exhibition held in Canada and
the Stylist Meets Exhibition held at Laforet Harajuku."

I am not sure what this tee is supposed to be presenting,
but the skull makes me think of that latest Indiana
Jones flick. And it's gripping a blood-red flower in its
jaws? Aiight.

The print quality on this joint is incredible, almost
photorealistic, and the colors are vividly chosen.

Exhibit 2: "Inspired:"
"Inspired: is a worldwide design project whereby artists from around
the world compete in creating T-shirts. Curators from the world's
major cities become the "epicenter," and select those artists who
create works of art that are inspired by the themes presented by UT.
The T-shirts allow the wearers to enjoy these various works of art."



This print has even more photorealistic verisimilitude,
if that's possible, than the Circulate joint.
(Side note: why does statuary always lack arms?)

Uniqlo Paper, Korean version: a poster of Uniqlo's
current season tees.

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Elizabeth said...

Uniqlo! I saw the Uniqlock site, like, less than a month ago, and was like - that's so cool :)

Anyway, how exciting. Glad you found good deals!