Saturday, August 2, 2008

Quick notes (temporary update)

Had a pretty fly last 24 hours. Some quick notes, to be succeeded by something of more substance (hopefully soon):

Pulled a 13-hour day at work on Friday, including two new classes: SAT Math and SAT Essay Writing. Left work at 9:30 and my boss drove me over to an office dinner to officially welcome (2/3 of the way through my stay here) me and a few other Summer arrivals/hires. Came home around 1 AM and fell asleep around 2.

Woke up around 10 AM today and headed over to Western Dome to meet with some of my SAT students who finished their classes with me this last Friday. We played a few games at an arcade - House of the Dead 4, Time Crisis 2, and a few others. I then ate a quick lunch with them, then went to a 5-star-looking no rae bang - karaoke room - which was only around $15 for one hour's reservation (and then 30 minutes of bonus time added on) and free ice cream. My first time doing karaoke in Korea; they have more rap than China. Also, sang 童话. Know James Kim would be glad to know that.

After saying goodbye to my students, headed into Seoul and met up with Gabe in Gangnam. Hung around the church cafe for a while, then walked around Gangnam. Found Uniqlo t-shirts for $5. Took pictures; fell asleep on the subway coming home, listening to 王心灵. Woke up listening to 王光良.

Back home now. Going to rest, then got to write a prayer letter/update, then catch up on emails.

Tomorrow: testimony at Navigators' fellowship, dinner with Korean Navigators members. Preparation for week 7 of work. 北京: T-minus 3 weeks. 3 weeks from now I will be (God willing) hanging out with Billy in a country whose language I can (more or less) decipher. Chea!

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