Monday, August 25, 2008

Note from Beijing

Note; in the singular, rather than the plural, as this is intended only as a brief placeholder to catalogue my movements through the past few days and reassure my near and dear that I continue to, as it were, exist in the corporeal.

Immediately following the preceding update of Saturday afternoon, I boarded my plane from Seoul to Beijing. 1.5 hours later, I touched down in Beijing, passed through customs (hilarious story that will be reviewed later: my passport picture being 5 years old, it took 4 pairs of customs officials' eyes to verify that I am, indeed, myself), and jumped on a cab to Billy's.

OK. This is going to take too long. Here's a more concise summary, courtesy of my facebook status update mini-feeds:

August 23: Jason is at Billy's in 北京!with Billy, Carrie, and Jingyi.

August 24: Jason is heading to BICF with Billy. (morning)

August 24: Jason is back at Billy's (afternoon)

August 24: Jason and Billy are going to Jingyi's house. Dinner and Olympics' closing. (evening)

August 25: Jason is chillin with Dirty Paco at Bust Out HQ. (~1 AM)

August 25: Jason is watching movies with the Bust Out crew, heading to the store in the morning (4 AM)

August 25: Jason on my way to the Bustout store (~11 AM)

August 25: Jason is loaded with Bustout gear (~11 PM)

and here I am. Copious amounts of photographic and prose updates (and maybe poetry?) to follow when I find time (i.e. when I get back to Seoul or the States).

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