Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bust Out! - Season 1 (STREET WE ARE)

I realized, after looking over the Bust Out! Season 2 pictures (posted
below) that I never catalogued our first season on here... so without
further ado I present the Bust Out! Season 1 ("STREET WE ARE")
line for archival purposes.

All pics stolen from my man Paco (欧子).

Hat 1.jpg
Season 1 logo caps.

Hat 2.jpg

Hat 3.jpg
It's all in the details!

Hat 4.jpg
You know she stay ridiculous clean.

Can it be???



Yes it is! Bust Out raw redline denim.

Tee 1
Bust Out tour tee. China X Taiwan, 北京 X 台北.

Tee 4
Season 1 logo tee (Slim Paul)

Tee 3

Tee 5
The four launch designs.

The Family....

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