Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bust Out! - SAVE THE WAR Collection

Season 2 of this little Bust Out! clothing line... Theme: SAVE THE WAR.

Design: Zac and Paco
English contributions: Grand Master
Model: Slim Paul

This hat (and the season's logo) is so fly I could merck' myself just looking at it...

I think I am most proud of and hyped for this tee...
MAN VERSUS CITY was one of my contributions for
the collection and they carried the theme out 150%.
Yes 150%, as in the final product is 50% doper than I
was imagining/hoping it would be.

These next 2 also come from slogans I contributed
in the design process... It is really amazing to see your
thoughts pushed through to the limit, props to Zac,
Paco, and the rest of the design team.

For more Bust Out! design updates, check Paco's myspace blog.

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