Monday, June 30, 2008

Fresh out the (mail)box.

Three days before leaving for Seoul, I picked up a vintage ('02)
bape sweater off eBay for a steal. It arrived in the mail literally
hours after I left for Korea... smh



I love older bape... it's got heat, but subtle. nuanced.

I also previously won (as mentioned here) a contest on Just Blaze's
blog, the prize being a limited edition Just Blaze X LRG tee (designed
by Mikey Ion).

Never gon see this in the store!!!


Looking forward to getting home...

A side note: where did Yohji Yamamoto find his models???? I like the look, as these dudes compliment his brand of sartorialism quite smashingly, but... who are these men??

Another side note: Word to Dallas for his shout out. This dude keeps it one hunnid per sent, more so than most, and definitely on par with anyone i know. He is willing to be brutally honest and open about his life (both present and sordid/lurid/bad ass past) in a real telling way. Anyone not checking for his blog or the work with the iC's (iNternets Celebrities) should start that up. now.

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