Thursday, July 17, 2008

BustOut Family in SoCool!!

Big ups to my Bust Out Family brothers!!
恭喜我Bust Out家哥们儿!!

An article from So Cool - mainland China's #1 streetwear/street fashion magazine...
从So Cool杂志来自的文章, 中国大陆第一本街头时髦杂志。。。

Once or twice every month, whenever I was living in Beijing, I would go to the nearest newsstand and cop the latest issue of So Cool!... they always hold it down real thorough on the streetwear tip, with features on fashion luminaries like agnes b, suitman, CLOT, nike designers, etc. etc.

Well now my Bust Out brothers got our Season 1 and Season 2 lineup in there! So you know we are doing this FOR REAL, this is not just playing around in Photoshop and Studio!

Look ma, we made it....
But I know I told ya that we won't stop!!!

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