Friday, July 18, 2008

Lions Den Sale - 60-75% off EVERYTHING

Lions Den, LA Chinatown's contribution to the streetwear scene, is moving locations from their old joint on 711 New High St. to 945 Sun Mun Way. While they'll be out of commission for the duration of the move, their falling back is our moving forward:

Despite the fact that the sale prices (60-75% off errthing in the store, no holds barred) are not reflected online, you can always hit up their excellent point man Ray Tseng via email or their phone contact and holla at him. He has always treated me fair and just as though I were in-store dealing with them. They are a thorough crew and got some real fire... ALIFE, Stussy, Puma, Recon, Leroy Jenkins, N4E1, etc.

I been on that savings tip the whole time thus far in Ko Rea, so I went ahead and ordered a nice little package [||] from their store. And let us never forget what, in the words of Victor Cheng, this blog is about: pictures of girls (check) and kicks (here we go...)

1) ALIFE Frog Pack Everybody High.
Retail: $145
Sale: $43.50

ALIFE personally tramples the SoHo exclusive kicks scene. While other brands are content to choose either (a) making their own (usually wack) sneakers or (b) pick up a Nike Quickstrike account and let the Nike designers drop hot heat all over their counters, ALIFE pulls a deuce on err'one: they have their own line of solidly-designed, classic-profiled sneakers AND the Alife Rivington Club is New York's classiest source for Nike, reebok, puma, fila, etc. limited release joints.

Not to mention that Nas, John Mayer, etc. perform in their backyard. Chyea!
I guarantee you will never see such an assortment of ALIFE kicks for so low, ever again. If you do, I will eat these words: I will print them out on paper and eat them, that is my guarantee. To you, because I am a man for the people like that.
This pack was based on the camouflage patterns of poisonous South American tree frogs... but on your feet they will be poison for the haters standing around you.

2) Staple Design X Base Control polo.
Retail: $80
Sale: $24
Base Control is one of Japan's finest manufacturers of all the standards: polo shirts, tees, underwear, whatever. If people around the world wear it, Base Control makes it and sells it to streetwear companies.
This joint was a collaboration polo for Staple's 10th anniversary collection.
The likelihood of seeing another Base Control item for sale in America on sale? Son I would not take those odds even if I were a betting man.

3) Staple Design - "I Am..." Tee
Retail: $26
Sale: $10.40
Gotta rep 中文, even 繁体字. Staple stays remembering the Asian roots.
"我不是共产党员"... true.

4) Staple Design socks
Retail: $12
Sale: $4.80
To be honest, I only picked up these joints for the free shipping: shipping on 3 items was $7.00; but pick up 4 items and the S&H is on the house. Don't even play like you think I am not going to be clever like that.
Do the math: $4.80 - $7.00 = they are paying me to buy these socks. I save money in the process of purchasing these joints for my foots.
All told, my bill for 4 items ran to less than $85: a little more than half the normal price of the Alife kicks on their own.

You know the Internets keep us winning like that!

Gonna have a nice pile, all Christmas morning, waiting for me when I get back to the States.......

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