Saturday, July 19, 2008

Melody Visits (Day 3)


Last day of Mel's visit. So what did we do?

Go to church. Of course.

Stretching on the subway.
Angle, framing: fantastic, as always.
Focus: out of.

Many, many stripes that day. None, I will have you
note, run parallel with one another.

If the lions come, they will be confused and give up
trying to pursue me. Ha!

21 lacoste
This ad intrigues me:
Females - cold
Males - odd and ludicrously overposed (bonus: imagine Ludacris in
any of these poses).
Colors: a full palette on display.

I suspect that this ad represents a particular ideology of modeling:
display, and do not make any crude advances of sale, with the
premise being that the item shall sell itself.

The board conveys to me a sense that Lacoste is comfortable with its
level of brand recognition and aspirational status in this country ;
compare this bulletin with other conventional ads, whose models
appear warmer, even indulgent.

In such ads, it seems as though brand identity is such that the
viewer is assumed to need prompting to accept the desirability of
some product or its distinctive name. In such cases, the role of the
model is to evoke in the audience a sense of identification with.

Here, on the other hand, the role of model seems to run parallel to
that of the mannequins, oddly denuded of all verisimilitudinous
plastic genitalia, which model lingerie in the numerous stores
hawking such fripperies in the Korean subway stations: that is, to
present and, having bestowed such upon the viewer, to fade away
without protest.

After church, we came back home and went for a run out near Lake




52 1


53 1 sunset

53 2
I'm fairly certain that we weren't supposed to walk across this.

53 monster a
Mel comments: "this photo needs something. like a giant rampaging
monster. or a mushroom cloud."

53 monster b
Wish heard, wish granted.


54 1

54 2
A vantage point.

The sun setting, we wound our way back across the
park to Ilsan's famous (so I am told) Singing
The lilies of the field.


Little homey was straight up mountaineering. We cheered him on.

Waiting for the sun to set and the show to go on.

Melody is puzzled; by a puzzle, no less.

59 1
Red, white, and blue: I have lost my tan.

59 2
A study in juxtaposition: non-photogenicity and his counterpart.

Even at my best, I only muster up the merest hint of bemusement.

59 fountain
Singing Fountains: Winamp/iTunes/Windows Media Player
visualizations take form, Fantasia-like. We heard "Pirates of the
Caribbean" as well as, um, Celine Dion. Also things in-between.

After finishing up at Lake Park, we headed out for one last (coerced)
meal before turning in for Melody's 6 AM bus to the airport.
Tonkatsu and some type of bulgolgi (beef).


61 1
I wear those Hanes t-shirts a lot. Good thing I
found like 7 of them blue-binning this May.

61 2
She complained, pre-visit, that we don't have any pictures together.


Happy now??
Plenty of pictures.

(my thumb covered the flash.)


6 AM bus stop. Good-bye.

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