Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Too fly (B.Son)

These joints straddle dichotomies in couture... East (neckline cuts) meets West (fabrication + production), made to measure (bespoke from pattern) meets ready-to-wear. I don't know if it's streetwear, per se (it's not), but these gears are straight proper in my book. The price tag is on the steep side, but pictures weigh up to a kilogram of words, so take your own look:

Double Mock Fleece Pullover (Stallion)

Look at that!! Double neck, zip and button-up...

...and zips on the sleeves, too

Strong framing of the shoulderblades, with just enough draping over
the waist for a baggy but fitted look.

"B.Son's ideas have developed around high quality fabrics, (including a strong organics program), articulated necklines, and a proportionately fitted block." - B.Son Clothing SF

MSRP is $163, available at various online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Christmas/birthday coming up... might got to cop. It's a lot, but quality > quantity.

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