Monday, November 3, 2008

i call bs on is on some getting over the customer, so I just wanted to relate the following to anyone who comes across it, in the hopes of aiding you in not letting this company take away your or your friends' cash money.

I redeemed a gift certificate from (that I got from a student) over a week ago, for a $100 credit at The credit code was supposed to be emailed to me within 2 days; it was not, and I emailed customer services. They claimed that they were out of stock, and receiving more codes on Friday. By Saturday, I still had not been emailed.

By the end of the weekend, the item that I wanted to purchase on was sold out (this was why I chose the credit, in order to promptly receive and redeem it). Still, I tried calling again today, Monday, and after sitting through several rounds of customer "service" and being told several times that supervisors were "in meetings," received the revelation that and were "in talks" until an indefinite time in the future. This is the first time, keep in mind, that I had heard anything about any irregularities between and

At no point did take the initiative to contact me or inform me of the situation, and they offered no resolution other than refunding my certificate - which will take an additional business day - and "letting" me choose another merchant; after which, I will have to wait an additional 5-10 business days before receiving the final giftcard, in addition to whatever time it will take for that other merchant to ship me the item I finally purchase. I found this to be incredibly unprofessional and unhelpful, I would highly suggest not using any of the services - they were able to turn redeeming a thoughtful gift into a burden and a chore.

**update** Monday night, around 10 PM, I get an email with an code. I'm still disappointed in the general lack of communication and the way that they chose to resolve this situation, but at least they did get it straightened out on their end. Looking back, the thing that I was most frustrated by was not that was so late in sending my order out to me, but that I was never given any information as to my order status unless I actively requested it via email or phone call.

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