Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Slaughterhouse - Move On

"I'm a hero/ No, I mean I'm Hiro from Heroes" - Joe Budden
"I been in da streets longer than Yao Ming's wingspan" - Joell Ortiz

Forget Barack Obama, you really know it's a new day when two of hip-hop's underground greatest drop punchlines honoring Asian dudes that aren't Bruce Lee... true. Have race relations progressed to the point where we can walk around the streets and see Chinese kids who want to be like Black kids who want to be like Asian men? Holla!!

And if yall aren't up on this Slaughterhouse clique - Joey Bud, J-O, Royce da 5'9", and Crooked I - and you are into hip-hop, youve already bodied yourself. These emcees are the future of the past of rap and you know that's coming from a man who is on his Marty McFly through all of time for all the time. Word.

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