Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm proud of my sister... she recently turned 20, but that's not the real salient point here... To commemorate her 20th year on top the earth she wrote a post summing up some thoughts & transformations that been going on in her mind-grapes:

"What Not Dating For 20 Years Has Taught Me About God

"It's an interesting feeling to be twenty and to have never dated anyone, and on purpose at that, LOL. God has made it amazing, and powerful, and wonderful. It's only scary when I'm not trusting God, which is always a powerful reminder to do so - one that I really need. I've felt God give me purpose and fulfillment and love and joy and peace, and been able to know that it's all from Him. So really, the title of this note should start off with "What God Has Taught Me." It's mostly interesting because I know that so far I've made the right choices as far as God's plan for me, and it's helped me personally honor God and grow in my relationship with Him.

"I just kind of wanted to reflect on what God's done after two decades. Cuz that's kind of a long time...."

(full public post here)

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jchan985 said...

dude i can totally relate! though I think I took the 20 years of not dating lesson in a much different fashion than your sister did.