Sunday, August 9, 2009

he's a well respected man about town

How we get down in the K; every weekend, all weekend.

Gabe Czarina me Ilsan
Gabe & Czarina came out to Ilsan for a late afternoon of walking around
and touring Lake Park.

Alex and I met up in Gangnam late one Saturday afternoon for dinner,
coffee, and a discussion lasting long into the night.

Gabe me Michelle Sungwon
Unwilling to be and uninterested in eating alone, I invited Gabe, Michelle,
and Sungwon along for Korean Chinese food (as opposed to Chinese
Chinese food); and they, natives of Ilsan, wound up seeing the Lake Park
fountain show for the first time (my nth, for arbitrarily high integer n).

After the last day of their summer SAT courses, we
took sticker photos.

I am mad ulzzang in this joint

And today, with Jean and Pauline, after church, on our way to lunch at a
local chicken place, before heading out to gyeongbokgung for some
sightseeing and a museum visit.

In hindsight comparison, I realize that the spot at which we took today's
photograph is identical the the spot at which Alex and I, weeks before,
took ours.

2 more weeks of summer work. In 13 days, I'll be asleep in 北京...

Let the countdown to journeys commence

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