Sunday, August 16, 2009

BUSTOUT Summer 2009 Line 2

my homeboys in 北京 stay cooking up the flyest gear I've ever seen. After the recent launch of BUSTOUT Girl, they are back at it with a full line of tees and some new rock-inspired corduroy pants.

On a personal note: these days, I've been seeing my personal taste in fashion mature a little bit: I'm more likely to head towards a nearby Uniqlo or wear something from Staple Design, A.P.C., or Band of Outsiders if I want to get fresh. But if I'm in the mood to wear something a little looser and more streetwise, more and more my staples - apart from the occasional piece of early-2000s BAPE - are all coming from the BUSTOUT collection.

God willing, I'll be kicking it in Beijing in about a week, and picking up every piece of the following... and more...

Summer 2009 drop 2: Tees

Summer 2009 drop 2: pants

Summer 2009 drop 2: caps

Modelled by part-time Jay Chou impersonator and full-
time store staff JACKAL.


for the ladies down with the movement.

BUSTOUT: Street We Are... international?

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