Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Friends in NY / Children's Church

11/28 - 11/30/2008


After almost getting snowed into our Thanksgiving
rental in Chautauqua, I boarded my $1 bus in Buffalo
at literally the last minute.

Eight hours (mostly spent in fitful sleep) later, I was
disembarking in the New York bus terminal. I was
almost set to head up to Harlem and kick it with
Lukwong, but first (it being Black Friday and all), you
know I had to swing down to SoHo and see what there
was to see.


After hitting up Union NYC (play cloths in stock, but
only L and none of the pieces I been had my eyes on),
busy works shop NYC (Bape), reed space annex (Buy
1, Get 1 Free), Uniqlo, and H&M, I headed uptown to
link up with Luke.

One of my older brothers at UCW, Lucas and I hadn't
really caught up in a year - I just missed him in
Korea - and so I was looking forward to crashing
with him in his new grad student digs at Columbia.

For dinner, Luke and I rolled to a little diner nearby...
heads might recognize the exterior.

Tom's was the diner used for the exteriors in Seinfeld (a/k/a
Michael Richards' thinly veiled racism... nah, right?)

After dinner, we kicked it around Columbia's campus
(historic, small) and caught up on life.



I stayed up late Friday night catching up on the
internets, while Luke headed to bed early. When I rose
around 11 AM, he was already hard [||] at work on
one of his many term papers coming due. He and I
rolled out around noon - he to lunch with a friend and
me back down to SoHo (returning a joint I purchased
at H&M that was just not working... long story short,
H&M is highly inadequate in comparison to Uniqlo,
both in terms of design and material quality. Uniqlo,
alongside Staple Design, is quickly becoming my
clothier of choice).

Son on the train was keeping it straight one hunnid with
his North Face. I have seen many people do North
Face but very few do it proper... I have to give props to
subway homey for keeping it simple and clean.

The night before, at my first stop in SoHo - Union NYC -
I ran into a bunch of current Yalies: Christina Park, Joe
Lee, Jerrold Lee, and Teddy Kim. So it wasn't a surprise -
though still pretty dope - when I ran into another
familiar alumna face on the way up the stairs in Uniqlo.

Anna and I kicked it for a brief minute and kept it

Uniqlo is quickly becoming the spot to head for the
basics. No matter how fly the rest of your gears might
be, Uniqlo has something for you. Peep sonn above
rocking the SBTG SB lows in the waiting line. Fly.

I copped another pair of the Uniqlo S-001 indigo
selvage jeans, marked down from $80 to $50 (i.e. the
most quality selvage denim for your buck), and headed
to Grand Central for the next train back home.

As I situated myself in the compartment, the third run-
in of the weekend came through:
Duck Ju and I met through a mutual friend back in
Korea during the summer.
Or, rather, James gave me the wrong number, so I
called DuckJu by mistake and he was cool enough to
pass along James' cell number. After getting back to
the States, Duck and I have kicked it a few times. It
was providential that we got to have some time
catching up on the train back in.

After arriving back in the city, Duck called a Yale minibus for us.

While waiting 20 minutes for the minibus to materialize,
we saw Dana.

After getting back home and unpacking, Vic hit me up on AIM, so Josh
and I headed downtown to kick it at his place for a few hours.
On the way up the hill, heading home.


UCW Children's Church.

These kids are so dope!!

Son was acting up throughout Sunday School, but
afterwards he and I got to politick a minute and he
shared about the life of a 6 year old these days.

It's hard out here for a kid.






chubby baby.

James and chubby baby.


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