Monday, October 20, 2008

NYC / Staple varsity / working late nights

10/6 - 10/10/2008



My dad and I rose around 7:30 Monday morning in
order to hit the road and get me to Philly on time for
the 8:40 bus back to New York.

After arriving on-time and circling the bus "stop" near
Madison Square Garden for 20 minutes, I hit the
skreets of New York at 11 AM. I'd made sure to keep my
Monday schedule clear through the evening, to account
for travel time, so I had the rest of the morning and
afternoon free. So of course it was time for a straight up
gear hunter mission.

Two downtown trains later, I was straight bougie
stepping out in SoHo for all the usual suspects: Union,
Clientele, Uniqlo, H&M, Y-3, and the like.

Uniqlo has a new robot assistant.


Dude is programmed to make eye contact with
customers and respond to simple questions.

Most the time I was in store, he was wandering
around the womens' sweaters though. Not a good
look for your kind, duke.

My original target was Reed Space, Staple Design's retail location.
However, remembering vaguely that their shop hours began
somewhere in the afternoon, I wandered around SoHo until
around 12:30, then headed over towards the L.E.S.

Arriving at Reed, I noticed their drapes still drawn, so I bummed
around outside until they finally opened.



My actual target on Monday, however, wasn't
technically Reed Space: I was actually straight gunning
to come through the Reed Annex, the next-door bargain
bin that replaced Reed Space's old sales/clearance

Reed Annex is the bomb because not only are all gears
marked down 30-70% in the spot, but they are always
stocked with plenty of hard-to-find Staple Design gear
from the previous season, all marked down by a good

In my case, I have had my eye on the black CMU Staple
jacket since it dropped in the Winter 07 lineup.

Of course, at the time it cost a cool $350... not a good look
for me at the time.

But with a little more money in the bank, a 50% price
reduction, and winter quickly approaching, the timing
just felt right this time around.


The best part? The chenille patches in this colorway match two pieces
from Bust Out season 2 - the fitted cap and the MAN VS. CITY tee -
to a T.





I'm calling it now, suspenders are back.

Nan found shoes that fit.

That night, I had to prepare some notes for the next
day; Joe had a paper; Alice was studying. So, after UCW
prayer, I headed over to Alice's apartment for an
unplanned sleepover.


Alice made eggs.

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