Thursday, November 11, 2010

FREE mp3 download! D-One & Grand Master - 黑色黄色 (Black & Yellow)

I arrived at Beijing's Capital International Airport at 4:30 this evening... grabbed my bag and took the airport rail line back home... hit church to link up with my Embassy fam, then went home...

And what did I do there???

Forget going to sleep, D-One was jumping on a track so you know we HAD TO GO IN!

Check it out... Black & yellow... for our people worldwide:

and download the MP3 at


Miriam Cho said...

nice! i'm going to listen this when i'm doing homework and justify it as "practicing chinese" lol

jglc said...

haha! well then you'll be glad to hear i've got a track w my partner D-One coming out soon called 学中文..... ;)