Thursday, November 5, 2009

Florida; stay laced.

There is a long history, within most religious traditions, of voices speaking into (and out of) silence.

This photographic entry finds its position within said storied narrative.

There are others; there are many others, and their stories will be told. But their timeliness is, at the moment, of rather dubious value; as opposed to these pictures, who still find themselves unpickled, fresh.


For the past week (10.26-11.3), I found myself in Sandestin, FL, at
The Navigators' biennial National Collegiate Conference.

I haven't been on the beach since some point vaguely located
within my high school years.

Windswept is rarely an apropos descriptor for my life; here, it
served well.

Jason Macneille's award-winning (really) elephant.

Mammoth, even.


Lisa & Leah.


Ser Landelot.

Mein Doppelgänger, Jason 朱.

Capt. Joelee.


Upon my return to the Northeast (a genuine city skyline? Sight for
sore eyes!), after a lengthy and eventful day of travel, I was
greeted by a plethora of packages awaiting me, desktop.

Among them was my first pair of Creative Recreation kicks, a
complete and utter surprise gift from Mr. John Shen, a true brother
in the faith and in the flyness. A muse, of sorts, in many ways.

Thanks - deep thanks - for the hookup, 哥们儿.


My parents' Xmas present arrived early, fresh off the
DHL courier from Karachi, Pakistan. As it's a custom-
made piece, I gave it a quick try-on to ensure that
the measurements had been transmitted properly,
and that I wouldn't have to avail myself of the tailors'
generous - if time-limited - return policy.

No such concerns!

Then back into the closet it was, to mellow and
mature until the coming Christ mass.


John said...

According to my receipt, those are Cesario Prime Gold Croc Brown Dewberrys. Not the most creative name, but creative's in the name.

Grand Master - 108 Tongues, Bustout! Family said...

DEFINITELY made my day when I got back, brother!! Much love. We'll always have BTZRSI + Gchat.