Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bluechoice Carefirst: An Insurance Nightmare

An acquaintance of mine recently won a years-long battle with his old insurance company, Carefirst.

Long story short, Jason (not me; Jason-my-friend, not Jason-myself) and his family moved away from Maryland around the end of summer in 2007. They had been covered for medical insurance by Bluechoice Carefirst, a local independent Maryland health insurance provider; but, as they were moving away from the area, Jason decided to cancel his account with them. After jumping through several hoops, they still didn't take him off their books, and he was stuck with a $900+ monthly charge on his credit card for over a year and a half.

After further legal wrangling on his part, uncovering further action in bad faith on their part, and involving the state government, Bluechoice Carefirst has finally been ordered to repay all his bills, plus 6% interest. Congrats, J.

For Jason's full account of the story, head on over to his blog.

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