Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Steve Yu: Wall Street Baller

Congratulations to my bro Steve Yu for his appearance on the New York Stock Exchange this morning!!!

After taking a year off post-graduation to get some good work done, Steve is back on his grind in the city working for a start-up company called Global X Funds that markets new funds designed for the Latin American markets.

They launched their very first fund today - a Colombian-based investment - on the NYSE Arca and, in commemoration of the occasion, Steve and his bosses showed up on the podium for the bell opening trading today.

Steve is the 4th from the left, in the rear.

Steve is 2nd from the left.

The doors open...

And there they go.

Best of luck, guys... it feels good to see my people making their way through life! All praises due to the most high.

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